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Amber Marble

Use with Y3 sand and White cement

Amber Marble is an angular stone with tones of tangerine and dandelion. It is combined with Y2 or Y3 sand and white cement to provide a rich warm finish. It stands out as a finish by itself and combines well with brick and sandstone.

Irwin’s Dry Dash finish (pebble dash) provide a large range of long lasting, low maintenance coloured finishes.

The renders consist of naturally coloured sands and aggregates. These have been carefully selected in an attractive range of granite, quartz, marble and flint chippings which are known for their strength and durability. Combined with high quality silica coloured sands that will provide a colourfast background coat.

We do not deliver to private houses and rely on our network of builders merchants throughout Ireland. We deliver bulk loads for contracts and merchants. Get in touch to discuss options.

Irwin Quality Aggregates


The coverage of our Dry dash finishes can only be estimated as the size and types of aggregates is important. We suggest that it would take 12kgs of aggregate per M2 and 14kg of sand per M2 of wall.

Irwin Quality Aggregates


Dry Dashing stones and sand are available in 1 tonne bulk sacks and in 25kg bags.

used with

Y3 Sand silica (Wet)

used with

Y3 Sand silica (Dry)


Dry dash finish - to standard block wall.

Undercoat (scratch coat) mix 1.3 cement, clean plastering sand with plasticiser, apply to a maximum depth of 15mm and comb surface to maximum 5mm depth.  Receiving coat (butter coat), 1 – 4 White cement – Y3 Sand.  Apply to maximum 10 – 12mm depth, smooth with a straight edge to receive the dash stone. The washed Amber Marble should be applied with a scoop direct to the wall ensuring an even distribution to give a uniform appearance.  The aggregates should be lightly tamped into the receiving coat with a wooden/plastic float to ensure a good bond is obtained.

Trouble Shooting

Uneven troweling and application of chippings can cause patchy appearance on walls.

Waterproofing agent is recommended to help prevent differences in suction rates, resulting in difficulties in embedding and chippings evenly to the mortar.  This results in the chippings being more pronounced in some areas than others leaving an irregular finish.  The aggregate should be applied in a damp but not soaked state as this helps with adhesion to the render.  Care should be taken to ensure that the moisture content of both the aggregate and the render is consistent as differences caused by atmospheric conditions can create problems.  Care should be taken to obtain a wide and even spread in order to distribute the aggregate.  Particular attention should be taken around scaffolding to avoid shadowing the lift line.

Irwin’s do not recommend the re-use of aggregate that has been collected up following the first application.  This is likely to have mortar stains on it, which if applied can result in a patchy finish.  Bags of aggregate should be decanted onto a clean surface before application.  Fines usually fall to the bottom during the bagging process.  If they are then mixed on the ground it will help eliminate patchiness which can be caused by an uneven distribution of the fines.


Wide selection of Dry Dash colours available in granite, quartz, marble and flint chippings with a large selection of natural sands that complement the dry dash finishes.

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Irwins Quality Aggregates offer one of the most extensive ranges of decorative aggregates in Ireland. Irwins can offer a large range of dry dash render stones available with accompanying sands.

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Irwins do not deliver bagged products to private houses. We rely on our network of Builders Merchants throughout Ireland. We can deliver bulk loads for contracts and merchants. Loose bulk loads can be delivered direct if required.

Irwins Quality Aggregates without prejudice, operate a NO RETURNS POLICY for all bagged & Bulk Deliveries. Note: Agreed exceptional returns will incur a 25% Handling Charge

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