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AgraBlock is a key product within a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS), whereby the porous paving effects the efficient attenuation, infiltration and treatment of storm water run-off at or near its source. It is also an ideal product for grass and gravel reinforcement.

Manufactured by an ISO 9001/2008 accredited company, AgraBlock is a modular unit which works in conjunction with its neighbouring units to create an exceptionally durable, permanently porous, high load bearing structure. Infilled with either grass or natural aggregate in completed form, AgraBlock remains in harmony with current environmental considerations whilst complying with increased governing legislations.

AgraBlock is highly suitable for providing paved areas where the recreation of the natural appearance of grass or gravel is important whilst addressing the trafficking requirements. Applications are extensive and typically include: Access roads, emergency access lanes, Car parks, pedestrian areas, On verges, vehicle hard standings, footpaths, Bases for sheds and caravan parks.



The Principle SUDS are physical structures built to receive surface water runoff, being located as close as possible to where the rainwater falls, providing the option of infiltration and attenuation storm water source control solutions. They also provide treatment for surface water using the natural processes of sedimentation, filtration, absorption and bio-degradation. Recent research shows that typically up to 80% of sediment; 60% of phosphorous and; 80% of nitrogen can be removed from rainwater through porous paving, together with substantial levels of heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

This natural treatment provides the ideal opportunity for rainwater conservation and re-use for a variety of non-potable applications e.g. toilet/urinal flushing, irrigation, laundry, process water, vehicle washing, refrigeration, coolant use etc. Such source control principles and techniques are now inherent within best practice and are increasingly becoming the norm within development projects.

Product Grading

Dimensions500mm x 500mm x 40mm
SuitabilitySuitable for natural aggregates and grass
InstallationEasy install with interlocking system
Panels4 panels = 0.98m2
Load bearing greater than360 tonne/m2
ColourBlack Manufactured to ISO 9001/2008

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