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Granular Activated Carbon

Activated carbon may be manufactured from Coal, Wood, Peat or Coconut Shell. It is commonly used to adsorb natural organic compounds, taste and odour compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals in drinking water treatment.

It is an effective adsorbent because it is a highly porous material and provides a large surface area to which contaminants may adsorb. Its level of activation is measured by its Iodine number. This describes the quantity of small and large pore volumes in a sample of the Carbon.

The higher the number the more activated and effective it is. Irwins most popular Granular Activated Carbon is L900, with a 900 Iodine number. This is a coal based carbon. Other variants on this can be supplied but might not be available ex-stock.


  • Mesh Size mm
  • 8 x 30 0.6-2.36
  • 12 x 40 0.43-1.7

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Irwins Quality Aggregates offer one of the most extensive ranges of decorative aggregates in Ireland. Irwins can offer a large range of dry dash render stones available with accompanying sands.

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Shipping & Returns Policy

Irwins do not deliver bagged products to private houses. We rely on our network of Builders Merchants throughout Ireland. We can deliver bulk loads for contracts and merchants. Loose bulk loads can be delivered direct if required.

Irwins Quality Aggregates without prejudice, operate a NO RETURNS POLICY for all bagged & Bulk Deliveries. Note: Agreed exceptional returns will incur a 25% Handling Charge

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