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Soft path

Irwins Soft Path Gravels are graded from 8mm down to fine dust. When compacted the finer particles knit together to form a firm, yet porous surface.

Available in  4 colours:

  1.  Achill Pathway Mix
  2. Cotswold Buff Pathway Mix
  3. Scottish Red Pathway Mix
  4. Graphite Pathway Mix

This is a SUDS friendly surface which will allow water to gently percolate through it. It isn’t ‘permanently hard’, like a concrete, bitmac or resin surface would be. These self-binding materials can be dug out years after first being placed, crumbled and re-used. Soft Path materials are specially graded decorative aggregates. They are ideal for pathways, where a more natural appearance is desirable.

They are extremely popular products for commercial or public applications where a simple, cheap, low-maintenance, natural-looking pathway or trackway is required. They can be found on many golf courses, and they are widely used for Parks, Nature Trails and Bridleways. They are not suitable for an indoor application.


Laying instructions

For pedestrian traffic the soft path gravels should be laid at a compacted depth of 50mm on top of a minimum 75mm compacted sub base. For light vehicular traffic the soft path should be laid at a minimum 75mm compacted depth on a compacted sub base of at least 100mm.

Soft Path should be raked flat and then dry rolled with a vibrating roller. The process is then repeated with a wet roller. This is achieved by sprinkiling water directly onto the surface of the roller continually throughout the process. This allows the fines to rise to the surface and enables the surface to bind. Do not put water directly onto the surface of the gravel as this will wash the fines out and it will lose its binding properties. The wet rolling should be continued until a smooth and even compacted surface is achieved.

Edging can be used to retain the gravel and help keep it stable. This will also help stop ingress of grass and weeds from surrounding borders. Soft Path should not be laid on any gradients greater than 1:12. If it is for pedestrian traffic a series of steps could be placed to accommodate the gradient.



One tonne of soft path laid at a depth of 50mm will give approximately 10m² of coverage.

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Irwins Quality Aggregates offer one of the most extensive ranges of decorative aggregates in Ireland. Irwins can offer a large range of dry dash render stones available with accompanying sands.

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Shipping & Returns Policy

Irwins do not deliver bagged products to private houses. We rely on our network of Builders Merchants throughout Ireland. We can deliver bulk loads for contracts and merchants. Loose bulk loads can be delivered direct if required.

Irwins Quality Aggregates without prejudice, operate a NO RETURNS POLICY for all bagged & Bulk Deliveries. Note: Agreed exceptional returns will incur a 25% Handling Charge

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